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Life Electricity

Induction cookers/ soybean milk machine/ juicer /electric rice cooker/ electric pressure cooker Electric pie bell/ electric heat pan/ coffee machines/ electric fan/ ventilating fan/ vacuum cleaners/ electric iron/ hair dryer/ humidifier/ dehumidifier/ clothes dryer/ bean sprouts machine/ toaster/ electric steaming furnace/ electric frying pan/ yogurt machine/ egg steamer/ air frying pan/ water purifiers/ water dispnsers/ air purifier/ electronic scale




Kitchen Appliances

Range hood/ gas stove/ disinfection cabinet/ water heater/ electric oven/ dish washer/ bath heater/ microwave oven/ kitchen pendant / custome cabinet/ stove/ sink / ceiling/ garbage disposal






Smart Home 

Home cinema equipment/ smart TV/TV rack/ splice screen/ screen touch projector/home audio/ multimedia audio/portable audio / HIFI audio/ card package audio/outdoor audio/ pull cylinder audio/ loud speaker/  set-top box / smart speaker/


Consumer Electronics

Smart watch/ smart glass/ unmanded drone/  /microphone/mobile power supply/ battery/ USB charger/ U disk/ earphone/ screen film/ mobile phone protective cover/ computer peripheral/ DVD/ MP3/ MP4/ digital camera/ tablet computer/ balance car/ other electronicc products and supporting products



Bathroom Appliances

Water heater/ bathroom heater/ electric hot water faucet/ tap shower/ shower head/ massage bathtub/ intelligent toilet/ shower room/ sauna room/ exhaust fan/ hand dryer/ flushing valve/ valve core/ inductive saniary ware




Home Appliance Accessories

Plastics parts/ hardware parts/ heating parts/ motor/ control board/ raw materials/ power lines/ components/ packaging and printing/ mechanical equipmen





Lighting Supplies

Decorative lamps/ home lighting/ LED lighting and technology/ outdoor lighting/ electrician electrical/ lighting accessories


Hardware Products

Doors and windows hardware/ furniture hardware/ locks/ plumbing equipment/ tools/ hardware accessories