How to Join EAE Global Home Appliances Online Exhibition on 12th-16th January, 2021


China International Electrical Appliances Online Exhibition will launch on 12th-16th January, 2021 at The latest products of electrical appliances and home electronics will be displayed online. Welcome to join and meet manufacturers directly ONLINE. Now we are glad to inform that EAE Global Online Webpage is OPEN. You can prepare the meeting with Exhibitors as the following retailed steps.


Step 1. Register your account

Visitor Account Registration

① Login EAE Global Online official Website: , Click “Register” or “Visitor Login”


Login EAE Global Online


②. Switch to “Visitor Login” and Click “Register Here



③. Fill your information and your Password to create your VISITOR Account (Do save your email address and Password)



Login Your Visitor Account:

After successful registration, you could use your E-mail Address and Password to login EAE Global Online Platform anytime.


Your Visitor Account Page:



Step 2. Edit your profile

After login your VISITOR account, you could click and complete “My Profile”, select the products of Interest, the platform system will help recommend matched exhibitors and exhibits to you automatically, to save your time in sourcing.


Step 3. Connect with your Matched Exhibitors

There will be a list of Matched Exhibitors and Exhibits shown on the page based on your Products of Interest, you can Send Invitation, Send Message and Make the video calls with them. Please note: When the button of Send Message and Video Call are blue color, it means the exhibitor is online. If it’s white, the exhibitor is offline or occupied by other meetings, but you could send “Invitation” to make appointment with them.


Function of the Button

Invite Immediately: You can Make Meeting Appointments with exhibitor in advance. Please note the meeting time selected in based on China time zone. You shall change to your time zone accordingly.


Send Message: You could send message to Matched Exhibitors and check the messages you received from exhibitors at “My Message”



Video Call: Make the video call to Matched Exhibitors, you could see the product sample and demo directly, or face to face talk with the key contact of manufacturers.



Step 4. Search your Matched Exhibit

There will be a list of Matched Exhibits shown on the page based on your Products of Interest, you can Send Invitation, Send Message and Make the video calls with them.



If you like to learn more products, click “View more”.



Then select the other Products Items you want to view! The system will display all you want.



Step 5. Check and Confirm Appointments

You can check all appointments you raised, and confirm, refuse, cancel the appointments you received. Once you confirm the appointment, you will receive the notice before meetings.


Step 6. Publish your Demand

If you like to find more other product, you can publish your demand online. The manufacturers could see it and connect you ONLINE if they have the products. It could save your time in sourcing!

①. Click “ My demand”


②. Click “ Publish demand”


③. Fill in the specifications according to your products We hope you would have nice meetings and further cooperation with manufacturers on 12th-16th January 2021!



If you need any help from organizer, please contact:


      0086 13826417577 (Rita)

      0086 18302092687(Sookie)

E-mail: Or you could click the banner “EAE Organizer” at EAEFAIR.COM for instant help!