• China-India Electrical Appliances Expo is a comprehensive exhibition of electronics and ICT industry. It offers many exhibitors and visitors a platform to exchange ideas. The latest trends, ideas and technical developments in the industry are presented.

    The expo will feature the latest products of home appliances, including kitchen equipments, life electricity, bathroom appliances, lighting suppliers, hardware products, home appliance accessories, consumer electronics. It will helps to find out what new products on the market and what will follow in the future.Over 100 top-ranking manufacturers from China will showcase in this expo.

    Last year, it attacted more than 2000+ visitors and over a hundred exhibitor displayed a comprehensive range of electrical appliances.


    India's GDP will maintain a steady growth trend of 8% 
    India is the largest country in South Asia, which radiates the whole South Asia economically and industrially and leads the economic development of the region, India maintains an average GDP growth rate of 8% every year, which is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. The rapid urbanization in India has brought huge demand for housing, with 10 million new houses to be built or renovated every year,and the demand for household appliances has increased sharply, While China's growth is slowing, India's GDP is growing at an average of 8% a year, as steadily as Brazil, but the average annual growth rate is greater than that of Brazil. 

    India is urbanizing at a rapid rate, adding and renovating 10 million new homes a year. Its consumer goods currently account for only7 .6% of total consumption in Asia, and growth in India's per capita income and population base will open up more opportunities. 

    India's electrical imports are expected to exceed crude oil imports by 2030. 

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  • The show will act as a corridor for unbeatable business solutions in India. It will provide the latest trends and innovations in products and technologies to meet the complete Electronic Industries in India.

    It will allow you to get new ideas, learn from the experts and bring back critical information to your colleagues to keep your business competitive.

    You will also be able to source cutting-edge as well as innovative electrical products and find new revenue streams for your business.




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