• Cambodia International Electrical Appliances Expo is an event that provides a one-stop exhibition platform that integrates home appliance brand display and promotion, trade cooperation, and  technology exchange. It acts as a bridge between the manufactures and qualified suppliers, chain stores, supermarkets, trading houses, e-retailers, agents and distributors. 

    A number of intentional well-known enterprises will join in the show and launch new cutting-edge home appliance products through this international platform. The exhibit scope covers a large selection of electrical appliances including rice cookers, induction cookers, range hood, dish washers, electric fans, coffee machines, water purifiers, air fryers, etc. 

  • Venue:

    Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center 
    Diamond Island Phnom Penh Cambodia





    Time Schedule:

    July, 2021

  • This show is the perfect opportunity for home appliance brands, traders, importers and exporters, and end-users to get the face time with the best suppliers and manufacturers in this vibrant event. It's where you can see the amazing growth of the electronics & home appliance industry. 

    As a professional meeting place for industry peers, it gathers people looking for new inspiration and the possibility to experience the latest within smart appliances, home electronics and relavant services & solutions.




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  • The economy of Cambodia currently follows an open market system and has seen rapid economic progress in the last decade.

    With the improving living standards, an increasing number of Cambodia’s urban residents are willing to pay for quality products.  Cambodia’s emerging middle class also increasingly demands higher levels of comfort and convenience. Evidence from shopping mall outlets indicates a growing demand for new and innovative products to increase the quality of life for Cambodians. 

    In this way, the home appliances market is thriving due to the boom in construction, rising incomes, and lower electricity bills. Water purification equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning equipment, and energy-efficient household appliances are all in demand. There is an increasing appetite for luxury consumer goods including home furnishings among those with sufficient disposable income.

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